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Absence Notification Thread
by Wizard Imp
Sept 9, 2019 16:47:58 GMT

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Michael Kiske
by onemorelight17
Sept 18, 2019 20:49:18 GMT

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Roger Daltrey
by grouchorickles
Sept 14, 2019 21:32:40 GMT
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Best heavy / power metal singers from Argentina
by heyimbob
Sept 9, 2019 17:24:43 GMT

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Albums You're Digging Right Now
by Clem
Sept 18, 2019 17:37:19 GMT
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"Holy Diver" - Dio Cover
by groovygustavo
Sept 18, 2019 3:47:56 GMT


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reb: is he??? Sept 4, 2019 18:32:58 GMT
reb: p sure cristian castro is just a tenor tbh Sept 4, 2019 18:33:24 GMT
onemorelight17: Cristian castro: 100% tenor Sept 4, 2019 21:06:08 GMT
heyimbob: Nah fam thats fake news trust me I know my shiz I'm an intellectual genius believe me Sept 9, 2019 15:46:15 GMT
heyimbob: *imitating a dumbass who just learnt about vocal classification* So here it iz Baritone's range starts with G2 to G4. But since castro is lyrrrix barritoones he is B5 get it ? fucking plebs the bunch of you Sept 9, 2019 17:44:08 GMT
therangeplaice: Sholity Quitpost Sept 9, 2019 19:36:05 GMT
reb: yes quit posting Sept 12, 2019 1:36:28 GMT
heyimbob: like people can be snobby in this site but you be pretentious as hell dawg no chill goddamn son Sept 12, 2019 13:43:16 GMT
Gatr: Let's not go any further with that, please Sept 12, 2019 14:55:44 GMT
Gatr: Take it to DMs if you guys really want to keep going, the public shoutbox is not the place Sept 12, 2019 14:59:40 GMT
Clem: Daily reminder to listen to Paul Brady www.youtube.com/watch?v=haxeJKoP9jY&list=OLAK5uy_nneSbqXNoA-dSQ5hnWNorpAUkwwGmRqYQ&index=5 Sept 12, 2019 17:24:31 GMT
reb: Imagine thinking telling anyone "quit living" is acceptable in any given context Sept 13, 2019 23:20:18 GMT *
onemorelight17: reb, can you create a thread for more rial? Sept 13, 2019 23:34:36 GMT
onemorelight17: her technique is perfect without a doubt. Sept 13, 2019 23:34:55 GMT
Rodney Razorshorts: Is anybody else having to sign in EVERY TIME they click on the main page? Sept 16, 2019 2:36:19 GMT
Gatr: Are you still using the boards.net link? Sept 16, 2019 3:56:06 GMT
Gatr: I've noticed that whenever I've used the boards.net instead of the .com Sept 16, 2019 3:56:28 GMT
Rodney Razorshorts: Yep that works Sept 16, 2019 6:31:43 GMT
Clem: I'm having to log in every time too. But it's happening to me on the .com link Sept 16, 2019 12:53:01 GMT
Clem: Nvm looks like the .com link is working for me again Sept 16, 2019 22:08:34 GMT